Hello, I’m Julie!
The first seeds of my career as a freelance website designer were sown 7 years ago, when I built my first website. Fast track to now where my dabbling has grown into a passion for creating unique and stylish designs for other people.
My job as a freelance web designer has been a natural extension of my former 20 year career in the arts as a writer and director. It’s storytelling, just on a different platform.  I bring the same passion, skills and creative input to your project, that I’ve learned from years of experience.

My intention is to tell your story in a way that STANDS OUT in an extremely competitive environment by creating a website that will reflect who you are and what you have to offer.
I always strive to understand the vision you have for your business. I’ll listen, ask lots of questions, and make suggestions. and translate that to your website: a creative, visually striking online presence that will attract clients.
Let’s connect! I’m a great listener, creative thinker, and I always do what I say what I’m going to do. I also like to have fun with you along the way.