The Step-By-Step Process To Designing Your Fabulous Website

Make a List

I’ll be crafting your site to create a unique look for you, using your images, text and branding colours. Make a list of what you need for your site. Some clients just want an online ‘business card’, i.e. somewhere to refer people to. Other’s want booking forms, online shops etc. Please do this before we connect.

Initial Chat

Contact me via the contact form, and I’ll give you a call. Alternatively, you can call me on 0424 731 454. There’s nothing like a quick conversation to reassure you that you have the right person for the job. In this chat I’ll ask you a list of questions as to your needs.  If you think I’m the right fit, and would like a quote, that’s what comes next


Based on your choices, I'll send a proposal

The proposal will be very straightforward: Exactly what you are getting, for what price, by what time. My prices are absolute value for money and start at $2,970.

Want to proceed?

I require a 50% deposit before I start work for a client. Once this is received and I will send a list of what text and copy I require.

I get creative

This is when I get my creative juices flowing, to create a unique design for you. Depending on my workload this can take one-four weeks. 



Once completed, you see your new site before it is published, and one revision is included in your quote. Send me a list of anything you’d like to ‘tweak’ at this stage, and once this is done you’re ready to go live. You can make more revisions after the number included in your package, but it will add to your bill, so best to make a concise list the first time, and all will be done in one hit!

Your website is online!

Exciting! Share with your friends, share on social media, and enjoy the benefits of having a new website which will reach more customers.

Optional training

I offer you optional training so you can learn how to make simple changes to your website: adding a new photo, adding text, and if you’re a blogger, how to add a new post. 


Terms Of Service

Your Brainstorm Web Design proposal states exactly what will be done, for what fee, with a due date of completion.

I start a project once I have all required copy (the text that goes on each page) and the images for your site and have received a 50% deposit.

The balance payment is due when you have signed off on the website before it goes live.